Thursday, 24 March 2011


We've received rain for two or three days this week, and now the soil is soft enough for weeding!

Good-bye, Geraniums. Good-bye, Dandelion.

I need to buy some rubber gardening clogs and knee pads...because I still have Oma Knees.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jolly Week Fail

Well, E. ended up catching The Sickness on Saturday. Sniffles, fever, and the achies did not ruin her plans for a jolly week. They did however make thinking and functioning in general a bit more difficult. E. is very grateful not to be a full time student right now! 

Her suggestion for living with The Sickies: Avoid reading Dante's Inferno right before bed, especially if you have a fever. Fever dreams are weird enough, but fever dreams+Hell? (No wonder E. woke up in a cold sweat. Or was that just because she was sick? Maybe both.)

3 Days until Birthday!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Birthday Week!

A certain Birdy-Girl is having a birthday next Saturday, and this Birdy-Girl is just a teensy bit excited! Birthdays always call for Birthday Family Dinner(!), and Birthday Family Dinner always includes Birthday Dessert! This means Birdy-Girl gets to think about desserts for a whole week!

Well, not really. I think she already decided on what she will make. (Tiramisu, anyone?)


Since birthdays are a Jolly occasion, Hedgehog and Cheese has decided to celebrate Birthday Week by posting about something jolly or celebratory or splendidly lovely that happens each day. Little Bear is hoping that one of these jolly activities will be "Fixing Trousers". Poor Little Bear.

So here's to a very happy week!

*Also, happy birthday to Birdy-Girl's lovely sister, A., who will celebrate her birthday tomorrow!