Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Who Put The Bomp...?

Being the recovering perfectionist/type A/achievement driven Asian that I am, (ha), I sometimes feel the need to "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" (courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half!). However, the "recovering" part of me finds daily dance parties in the kitchen a necessity. So what happens when you combine dancing + cleaning + bad biomechanics + one unfortunate-"the-dishrack's-too-high"-reach via tippy toes?

You'll wind up with some mean ol' Metatarsalgia.

So much for Ballet this summer. :-P

Ah well.

Now I have time to...

Oh wait.
There I go again!

While my sister drove me to In-N-Out for luncheon (isn't my sister the best?), we listened to the radio and discovered this Doo-wop jem:

Alright, you probably think it's a weird nonsensical song. Hang in there, though. My sister and I thought it was strange the first time we heard it, too. Especially this part:

When my baby heard
"Bomp bah bah bomp "
"Bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bomp"
Every word went right into her heart...
 Seems unbelievable that any girl/baby/pretty mama would fall for a guy when she heard "rama lama ding dong"...But maybe that's the point?

My sister guessed that the song pokes fun at the way Doo-wop music inserts nonsensical wording after heartfelt declarations. Whoever wrote the Wiki article seems to agree.
Either way, I was glad to learn that the song wasn't meant to be taken too seriously. ;-)

Silly old me! 

Ah well.

Even though I can't dance or clean all the things right now, I did try to figure out "Who put the ram
/ In the rama lama ding dong?".


The Edsels?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

If you're washing dishes in 90 degree weather,

Amuse yourself.
Practice singing harmony.
Enjoy the pitchy fiddle!
(My apologies for the rather not-so-pleasant blue screen with white lyrics. 
However I didn't feel comfortable posting the original music video
even though the Old Crow Medicine Show cover is my favorite. Their sound is a bit heavy and scratchy, rather similar to the way hot and smoggy California afternoons feel. Scratchy from all of the flies? I don't know.)

So turn away from your computer screen,
and commence dishwashing!


Or you can sit on the front porch and drink a Fat Tire (if you're my sister). 

Many thanks to Han and Dr. Guy for the introduction (to Wagon Wheel, not Fat Tire). 

Oh wait!

It's summer! 

Why are you washing dishes in the afternoon?

Fry some pancakes or something.