Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Inaugural Cake

Every celebration calls for cake. And The First Post deserves a celebration.

So how do you begin a new blog?

Why, by making cake!

(Of course.)

HannaBee's purse dialed my number on her tellyphone (don't ask me how). What an intuitive purse! I answered the call, and after a few seconds of "Hulloooo? Halllooo! Han? Halloo Han?", Han realized that I, (sad for me), was not the voice of God calling from the bushes. Nevertheless, she answered her phone, and we made plans for afternoon cake making.


I found a recipe for a delicious Lemon Almond Cake on this very lovely blog.
The situation could not have been more perfect. There were leftover blanched almonds in the pantry, my lemon tree in the yard, and plenty of butter. You always should have plenty of butter on hand. (Just not in your stomach.)

I put H.B. to work.


What did I do?
Sang. Made messes. Cleaned. Made more messes. Sang some more. 
For anyone planning to make this cake, I highly recommend playing the Julie Andrews channel on Pandora while overseeing cake-assembly. Plus, you can zest in time with Chim-Chiminey!


We soon had a lovely sticky batter. 

And fifty minutes plus three strategically placed pokes later...

Out came our cake!

(Poor cake. It looks like it had a sad surgery!)
Pokes aside, it was a perfectly delicious cake. Moist, dense, not too sweet or overpoweringly almondish, but a wee bit tangy from the honey-lemon glaze that we spread on top.


There are no pictures of the glazed cake, mostly because we were impatient and demanded to EAT CAKE NOW.

So we ate cake and drank milk out of little bowls, just like kittens do. Except kittens shouldn't eat cake. Fishcake, perhaps?

It was a very happy Monday afternoon!

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