Thursday, 1 December 2011

Comfortable and Quiet Day...And Trousers.

My house is terribly messy right now. Little Bear suggested that the mess was brought by last night's windstorm. I think that is his way of politely agreeing that yes, the house is terribly messy right now. 
I took the hint.
To remedy the terribly messy situation, Little Bear and I made Grand Plans for Afternoon House Cleaning. 

(Little Bear just wanted to ride the vacuum.) 

As happens with most Grand Plans for Afternoon House Cleaning, our plan...did not take place. 
My reasons involved pain killers and general loopiness. Little Bear's reasons involved Trousers. (Why? I do not know.)
We did manage to spend a very comfortable and quiet afternoon doing all manner of comfortable and quiet activities. 

He and I compiled a list of every jolly and comfortable thing we did today.
It was a good day.

Here is our list:
-Eating Noodles and Soup
-Blanket Nest on Green Couch
-Exploring Green Couch (L.B.)
-Sleeping on Green Couch (Me)
-Eating Hot Fudge Sundaes Before Supper
-Cooking Sweet Potato Hash and Scrambled Eggs
-More Sleeping (Me)
-Smiling and Generally Looking Happy (L.B.)
-Bath with Bubbles (Me)
-Somersaults (L.B.)
-Using More Spoons and Forks Than Normal (Me and L.B.)
-Not Washing Spoons and Forks After Use (Me...and L.B.)

Little Bear wrote a short composition about today and asked to share it with the general public. 
My edits/notes are italicized.

"Every Trouser Wearing Day is a Good Day. [Does he mean every day that wears trousers? I would like to see this.] Although I was bitterly disappointed to not ride The Great Machine, I was comforted by the knowledge that my Trousers would remain intact and safe. [Reference to a past occasion when his trousers were caught in the vacuum? Definitely before he took up residence in my house.] Almost crushed by sleeping beast on Green Couch. [Thanks, L.B.] Enjoyed pudding before supper, and was amused that supper consisted of orange and yellow foods. Splendid choice of colours. Reminiscent of a sunset and appropriate for evening. All in all a satisfactory day."

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