Tuesday, 21 June 2011

If you're washing dishes in 90 degree weather,

Amuse yourself.
Practice singing harmony.
Enjoy the pitchy fiddle!
(My apologies for the rather not-so-pleasant blue screen with white lyrics. 
However I didn't feel comfortable posting the original music video
even though the Old Crow Medicine Show cover is my favorite. Their sound is a bit heavy and scratchy, rather similar to the way hot and smoggy California afternoons feel. Scratchy from all of the flies? I don't know.)

So turn away from your computer screen,
and commence dishwashing!


Or you can sit on the front porch and drink a Fat Tire (if you're my sister). 

Many thanks to Han and Dr. Guy for the introduction (to Wagon Wheel, not Fat Tire). 

Oh wait!

It's summer! 

Why are you washing dishes in the afternoon?

Fry some pancakes or something.


  1. This song! I was thinking that you and I must have come to know this song in some way related to Virginia, but then I realized, no, I first heard this in New York and sang it all the way to VA.

  2. I am currently washing dishes and listening to this song :) Thanks Em!