Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Who Put The Bomp...?

Being the recovering perfectionist/type A/achievement driven Asian that I am, (ha), I sometimes feel the need to "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS" (courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half!). However, the "recovering" part of me finds daily dance parties in the kitchen a necessity. So what happens when you combine dancing + cleaning + bad biomechanics + one unfortunate-"the-dishrack's-too-high"-reach via tippy toes?

You'll wind up with some mean ol' Metatarsalgia.

So much for Ballet this summer. :-P

Ah well.

Now I have time to...

Oh wait.
There I go again!

While my sister drove me to In-N-Out for luncheon (isn't my sister the best?), we listened to the radio and discovered this Doo-wop jem:

Alright, you probably think it's a weird nonsensical song. Hang in there, though. My sister and I thought it was strange the first time we heard it, too. Especially this part:

When my baby heard
"Bomp bah bah bomp "
"Bah bomp bah bomp bah bomp bomp"
Every word went right into her heart...
 Seems unbelievable that any girl/baby/pretty mama would fall for a guy when she heard "rama lama ding dong"...But maybe that's the point?

My sister guessed that the song pokes fun at the way Doo-wop music inserts nonsensical wording after heartfelt declarations. Whoever wrote the Wiki article seems to agree.
Either way, I was glad to learn that the song wasn't meant to be taken too seriously. ;-)

Silly old me! 

Ah well.

Even though I can't dance or clean all the things right now, I did try to figure out "Who put the ram
/ In the rama lama ding dong?".


The Edsels?


  1. I just had a mini dance party to both of those songs. Thank you. :D

  2. Which of these does not belong:
    Cheese. Dance. Friends. Tangelos. Summer Boredom.