Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Old Friends...

My dear friend Ellie is visiting me this week.
We spent our wee little-one days together in the New Mexican desert
learning violin, singing in choirs, and generally being very, very silly. 
 Ellie also suffers from the same kind of gastrointestinal problems that I have.
Partners in pain?

 (Circa 2008?)


We both tried being music majors (at different schools),
quit our attempt,
and are now re-attempting the arts again. 
(She's in theater and I'm in music.)

We used to improvise opera during long car rides.
Actually, we still do! 

Ellie is one of those sorts of people who can catch on and join in when I hum the first few measures of the Overture to Candide or Borodin's Polovtsian Dances.

We had a jolly time making cymbal clashing noises.

(Go listen: Here and Here)

When I am with Ellie, I remember why I love music so much. 
We can enjoy music without the pressure of being perfect performers.
We can joke about violinists being divas,
because we have both played violin,
and I'm sure we have both been divas.
(We would love to eat bon bons from a silver tray. At least I would...)

Yesterday we sat on the drive way and talked about babies,
because girls sometimes need to talk about babies. 

Then we came inside and ate a late night snack.

Thank you, New Mexico and the M. Family, for sharing your daughter with me!
I promise that we will have fun. :)

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  1. that IS 2008, cause that photo is at my wedding!! :D so it was June 21, 2008 ;)