Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Good, the Other Good, and the Somewhat Bad and Ugly

I'll start with the Somewhat Bad and Ugly:

See this mean, lean, dirt-eating machine? 
We were allies this weekend in the Pesky Pest War of 2011. 
I don't want to write about the bugs.
The very thought of them makes me itch.
What do college students do on a Friday Night?
They fumigate their house, 
of course.

After vacuuming, prepping, spraying, fumigating, laundering, and vacuuming again,
I came to four realizations:
1) You fight the bad with more bad. 
So many chemicals...I know there are more "natural" ways of dealing with bugs, but when your legs
are scarred from months of bites, you'll do anything to have some relief. 
2) Americans have (insanely?) high standards of cleanliness. 
This is both a blessing and a curse. 

3) Dealing with pest infestation is much harder than studying for a German quiz 
or writing a term paper. Also, studying for that quiz or writing that paper
become harder when you feel displaced from home. 

Oh wait,
I mean

Calm down and eat some fruit. 

Honeycrisp Apples from Trader Joe's cover a multitude of...bug...sins,
they just make life that much better.
("That much" being A Whole Lot.) 
There was The Good (and The Other Good) this weekend,
but I must first study for That Quiz and write That Paper. 
...And maybe eat That Apple. 
Not The Apple.
Just That Apple.

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