Sunday, 9 October 2011

To Autumn, With Love

I miss Virginia.

Autumn, you think you are so sneaky. You trick me with your Summer-like weather, but I know you are here,
              and darling, I think you are wonderful.

Your coming is always heralded by the arrival of pumpkins and squash at my local market. Why do squash come in such funny shapes? They make me laugh!

Oh yes, I bought my first pumpkin this week. I thought it might make you happy to know.

Also, all I want to do is eat root vegetables and listen to James Taylor. You probably knew that already, because, well, it happens most every time you arrive.

Remember when I made my first sweet potato pie?

 Do you remember how awful it tasted?  It was a romantic idea, though. Oh well.

Autumn, thank you for bringing woolen sock and sweater weather.
Thank you for making me feel like Laura Ingalls whenever I wake up in the morning and hurry to dress by the heater.
I promise to cook something with bacon. Y'know, the bacon I squirreled away in my deep-freeze, back when, I, uh, butchered my pig...Kind of...

I'm going to go roast some squash, Autumn. Please send some Autumnal culinary inspiration to me, mostly because my last attempt at squash was a disaster.

We'll be seeing each other soon.

(As soon as I walk outside.)



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