Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Happy Moment On An Otherwise Hot and Sticky Afternoon

Yesterday my friend R. gave me a little piece of chocolate for "on the road to the Library". Being the silly goose that I am, I put the chocolate in my bag (for safe keeping) and forget about it during my walk.

Oh well.

I was very happy to later find a somewhat squashed and melty piece of chocolate in my bag! Luckily the piece was still wrapped in foil and free of Roaming Bag Fuzz, leaving me with a clean bag and an edible bit of chocolate. Hooray!


I think chocolate rejuvenates those who are weary from reading pages and pages about fallen and blessed angels.


R.'s little gift of chocolate reminded me of the communal aspect of food. As I shared the melty candy with the fellow-book-reader-to-my-right, I realized that even a little square of chocolate can bring people together. Remember when Hagrid brings Harry a pack of squishy sausages and that birthday cake (with green icing letters)? What a very merry and beautiful act of kindness, pocket fuzz and all. Harry receives cake and a friend!

Rather like in Betsy-Tacy, or Heidi, or The Odyssey.

Mmm. Much to ponder. I'm looking forward to Soup Saturday with chumlet S. 

Thanks for the chocolate, R.!

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