Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sun Gold Glory in San Francisco

"We ate fistfuls of tomatoes by the sea."

I promise that I was not grumpy when this photo was taken. How can you be grumpy after eating Sun Gold tomatoes?  
Photo Credit: A.O.*

Today I introduced my sister to Sun Gold tomatoes. 
She loves them just as much as I do.

And I love my sister much more than I love Sun Gold tomatoes!
(A different kind of love. Yes, yes, I know.) 

My sister and I picnicked on the dock overlooking the ocean. 
Our luncheon consisted of chicken pot pie and Sun Gold tomatoes.
It was a perfect meal. 

Later, we walked through the Ferry Building and picked out presents, jam jars, and little sweeties.
When an angry madman accosted us, 
(Something about not giving him blueberries. What blueberries?)
we hid near the Cheese Shop. 
He never found us.

I wish I were a better photographer. Then I could finally take decent pictures of my sister.
Until then, check out her blog*.

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