Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 1! or Arrived! or Lakes and Ponds! or Gas Is So Cheap Here!*

*All unsatisfactory titles, at least according to L.B. (Who is now named The Peanut Gallery, at least in my book. At least at least at least. Why don't you come up with them yourself, eh?)
**UPDATE: L.B. finally gave me a suggestion:


((And then he fell asleep before he could tell me the translation. Curse you, Bear! Who washes your trousers? ME! That's who!)) 
Titles aside, we are here and we are happy.

L.B. and I braved four hours in the metal tube and enjoyed looking out the window at the world below. (The clouds are so beautiful!)

We have already seen many lakes and ponds, (the boggy greenish kind that you rarely see in Southern California), and this morning I saw my very first Oriole bird.

The trees are all new to me. I feel like I am learning a new language... Birch Trees and Willow Trees and Cottonwoods...Where are my Sycamores, Bottle Brush, and Eucalyptus?
                  We are in a new land, L.B.

Yesterday we went exploring and saw the Mississippi River. L.B. was amused by the Minnesotans tanning on the grassy lawns, but I thought they were very clever to choose a grassy lawn over a sandy beach. Too much sand. (L.B. agreed.)

Everything we have seen thus far has been down-to-earth and delightful.

Tomorrow promises a visit to another lake. I am excited.

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  1. How overwhelmingly lovely! I've just hoped and hoped that hedgehog and cheese would return. Crossed my fingers and held tightly to my little hope.

    And you are. It's so nice. It's so nice to read your lovely words, and dive into your quirky ways.

    Thank you, thank you.

    And please more.