Saturday, 9 June 2012

Days 2-4*, or Of Strawberries and Lake Water* or Simple Pleasures* etc.

*L.B. and I are on better Title-ing Terms...He agreed to stop being so persnickety if I agreed to work on my Title Composing Skills. Deal. 

L.B. and I have been having a marvelous time on our holiday here in Minnesota. I wish you all could share in the lovely delights I have experienced during my stay. Lovely quiet delights. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a vacation.

My friend took me Strawberry Picking in her backyard garden, and we picked enough berries to make a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble for dessert that evening.

L.B. came along, too. 

Strawberry Trousers!

We spent our afternoons swimming in Lake Minnetonka...

And in the evenings, we ate cobbler and sat on the porch overlooking the beautiful stretch of backyard. (How nice! They have a true "stretch" of yard. I think our California house has a small plot of yard, though it is better than no yard.)

Splendid, no?

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