Sunday, 3 June 2012

"The L.B. Chronicles"

Otherwise known as "An Unsatisfactory Title", according to Little Bear. Picky picky.

We are up late (me: sleepy!) ((L.B.: "laksjdflkafjdldsAS!" translated: Your Fault For Not Starting Earlier.)) packing for our trip to the Midwest (exciting!), but I promised L.B. to chronicle our adventures on H.H.&C., so here is the first installment.

For some reason, both L.B. and I have been having a difficult time thinking and communicating in complete coherent sentences. Maybe we are just sleepy and excited and slightly anxious about being squished into a giant metal tube with 150ish other human beings. Don't think about it too much, L.B. At least you can fit in my pocket.

Our current dialogue (or lack thereof) runs something like this:

L.B.: LAKsdfjklajsdklajrkdfa. (translated: TROUSERS.)

Me: Clean out bag. Granola bar?

L.B.: lka3tljeLRGOI#$TAERFDJLK. (translated: WASH. TROUSERS.)

Me: Heavy Eyelids. Passport?

L.B.: laierlkjlkjalSDKFAbasofsteellaksdfjlk (translated: HAVE NO EYELIDS.)

Me: Pity.


Mostly L.B. is upset because I haven't had time to wash and mend his trousers. Sorry, Friend. Does he ever sleep? How do animals without eyelids sleep?

Off to finish packing. The Pa-Shuttle arrives at 4 tomorrow morning. Isn't Pa the best?


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